Chairman’s message

Natia Meparishvili

Chairwoman, Co-founder of the WBCG,

Doctor of Humanities, Social Sciences,

Producer, Director, Artist,

Communications Specialist, Marketer

Welcome on behalf of the Women Business Council in Georgia. The organization was founded in 2015 and has since been working to promote women’s economic empowerment and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

I am honored to be its chairwoman.

It’s time to start talking out loud about our desires, goals, emotions, and capabilities. We collect life experiences, and then some of us share them with others so that they make fewer mistakes in achieving their goals. Or everyone should get experience on their example.

There comes a time when we want change, and here the question arises – are we ready for it? …and if you’re ready, you should join our extensive family, featuring ladies from different professions and backgrounds.

The organization I lead, the Council of Entrepreneurial Women in Georgia, is a space where desires, emotions, visions, and goals have merged. This place unites women with a shared desire to support each other.

Join us!


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