The Women Business Council in Georgia (WBCG) is membership based nonprofit organization founded in 2015. The mission of the Council is to bring together women entrepreneurs / startups and provide opportunities for capacity building, networking and advocacy. The council is the member of Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition (EPAC), member organization of the EECP (European Economic Cooperation Platform; and a board member at Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2017 Art Council was established within the organization with the main goal of supporting and developing Creative Industries inside the country.

In 2023, WBCG participated this year in the “WE-Champs program: Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Networking Regional Women’s Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations” program. To strengthen the association’s organizational and governance capacity, WBCG received THE ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY BUILDING GRANT within the program’s framework. The organization was reregistered following the newly constituted law, bylaws and organizational structure were changed and updated, and a three-year action plan was developed. These important organizational development activities were implemented due to the assistance of the capacity-building as mentioned above grant funding.

As the organization’s Chairwoman, I would like to highlight the value and importance of the donor’s contributions to the development of women’s support BSOs.


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